we are an anonymous international team ofProfessionals, IT experts, lecturers and agents related to several educational fields across USA, Australia, Canada and UK. Our mission is to assist internationalstudents pass internationalexams like , (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, CPE, C1 ADVANCED,) with or without sitting for the exams themselves.
We have established connections with top level officials at the database centers of these exam boards and we use this influence to access exam sessions for Candidates we work with.
Our success rate is 100% guarantee and we’ve helped hundreds of candidates succeed.
By dealing with us, you are sure of a one hundred percent success.


Our agency works in collaboration with some top officials at the database centers of these exams board and we have our agents working at the IT department at the database center. Our agents working at the database center of the organizing board of this exam and our ties with the database manager makes the process effective. With these connections, we have access to the entire exam database.
We access the exams database with the permission of the database manager, we then extract the programmed exam session for that particular candidate.
We then send the extracted questions to our team of experts to provide the correct answers.
Once they are done with the questions, they compile both the questions and answers in a PDF file and the agency chief sends to you in a locked file that can only be accessed by the candidate.
All the candidates need to do is memorize the questions and answers in the file till the exam date.
The exact questions in the file will be exactly the same questions the candidate will meet in the exam.

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This concerns those exams whose results are quantified when being reported and higher scores gives more advantages than lower scores, e.g., IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, CPE, C1 ADVANCED.
If you passed the exam but your results were not satisfactory to you or the institutions, you can request a score upgrade from us and we shall upgrade your results from within the database focal point and republish a new upgraded results within 24 hours. The exam board then issues you a new certificate with your newly upgraded scores.

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This case concerns those who for some reasons do not wish to take the exam by themselves. Here we process and take the exams for the candidate from within the database system. We process everything and the official results is a pass and the candidates receive their official certificates from the official institution. So, the candidate can either register for the exam an send us their details to proceed with the direct process or the candidate can entrust everything in our hands and let us do everything and they just receive their certificates at the end.
The timeframe for this depends on the exam in questions.

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This concerns those who recently failed any of the above-mentioned exams. Our access to the database center and exam archives portal gives us unlimited access to the entire exam sessions of every candidate. We can manipulate and alter any exam session we want and change the results status and then publish the new results. The former failed results will be completed erased from the system and replaced with the new passed results. All this is done with 3 working days.


What we do is not legal and doesn’t always follow a straight path but we always try to use every means possible to make sure our candidates get their desired objectives.
We have about 97% success rate in all cases we’ve treated over our ten years of operation.
In very rare cases where for some reason we couldn’t deliver the required services to the candidate after we’ve agreed and began with their cases, we shall immediately inform the candidate and refund to them whatever payment they might have already made.
However, these cases are very rare because we do everything possible to fulfill our promises. That’s why we have a 97% success rate with our candidates in both leaked questions with answers and score upgrade processes, direct certificates and results change.


some may say it’s illegal and immoral way to succeed but nothing is perfect. hundreds of candidates use this means every year in several fields across Europe and America and they succeeded in their careers and dreams.
but for those who are too scared to take this opportunity, then our services are not for you.
our services are for the following type of candidates:
– those who have taken these exams several times without succeeding and they do not to fail again.
– those who are frustrated and tied down by these exams making it impossible for them to pursue their careers or travel plans abroad.
– those who are fed up and just want to put an end with the exams
– those who do not have any more time to waste.
– those who are too busy and do not have time to study well.
– those whose dreams of traveling abroad are being hindered by these exams.
– those who are well versed in the field but are not lucky enough to pass.


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With our network, authorities, agents and experts, we are here to minimize the stress of acquiring documents. All services here are 100% genuine all legal. We insure you verify the documents before using them.