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ielts test preparation material | academic writing practice for ielts

2. Read, read and read

You need to have a credible English-English dictionary and work out the meanings of new words, making sure that you do not translate back to your language.

✓ Skim and scan to form a general picture of a text quickly
✓ Make sure you know exactly what’s required for each task
✓ Check all instructions carefully
✓ Use the work for further clues about the content and organization of the text
✓ Remember the key vocabulary may be explained for you in the text
✓ Don’t use a dictionary until you’ve done the task and checked your answers. You can read an English newspaper every morning and listen to the news in English

4. Exercise fluency and pronunciation

The speaking component is divided into three parts. The areas include a structured interview, a short talk, and free interview. You will be asked about 2 to 3 brief concerns on familiar topics that will last 4 to 5 minutes.

Be ready to give a talk for 2 minutes in the brief talk section. You will be provided 1 minute to get ready for your discussion. The whole section will take 3 to 4 minutes. The following are tips on what is examined in IELTS speaking and how to prepare for it.

Consistent practice is all that it takes. By using a new word or a correct pronunciation, the student is reinforced to practice what he has learned, imprinting it in the mind. Also, it signals to whoever taught him the new skill, whether that be a teacher, a friend or a fellow-worker, and that he has made a conscious effort to memorize something that has been taught. It encourages his mentors to be more determined than ever to help him succeed.

5. Practice your listening skills

One can listen to the news in English every morning and try to write them down and analyze later. The following are tips on how to prepare for listening skills.

✓ Use the preparation time to think about the task content and focus
✓ Make sure you know exactly what’s required for each task and check the instructions
✓ After checking your answers, listen again, and try to work out the cause of any problem